Get to Know: Anastasia

From the outside, religious belief can often seem insane. Sometimes, they can even feel insane to believers themselves. Anastasia grew up steeped in Ukrainian Catholicism, but her relationship with religion is complicated - and the thing in her brain isn't helping. 

This week on Twitter, we shared some of the building blocks of Anastasia's story, so you can get to know her better while you wait to register for The Truth Experience. Below, Adam Dove elaborates on Anastasia's first installment...

How would you describe Anastasia?

Anastasia is depressive, skeptical, intelligent, and afraid. She isn't one to take things at face value.

The first installment of Anastasia's storyline centers around a church - how did that idea come about? 

The church in her story was inspired by Waverly Presbyterian Church, my home church growing up. I can just remember the feeling of my cheek against the heavy wooden door - you could just barely hear through it. It felt like there could be anything on the other side.

If you had to put a soundtrack to Anastasia's story that would capture the mood, what would it be?

Definitely the album Hope by Manchester Orchestra. It perfectly reflects the difficult push-pull experienced by a person who wants so badly to believe, but just can't bring themselves to let go of doubt.

Fill in the blank: If readers liked ________, they may also like Anastasia's story.

Her storyline was partly inspired by the book Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Both stories feature a young protagonist who, through circumstances entirely beyond their control, is thrust into a journey of self-discovery with potentially dangerous consequences.

The original art inspired by Anastasia's story is by Madeline Moyta. Madeline is a visual artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. She likes to observe, which is what propels her to paint or draw, but mostly paint. Sometimes the pictures she produces depict identifiable and definable imagery, but mostly she enjoys seeing where the painting takes itself, or what previously unknown world a drawing can lead to. For Madeline, creating these things allows for time to slow down for a while, like in a vacuum.

If you haven't read Anastasia's story yet, you can read it here.