Get to Know: Jordan

We all have a tendency to change based on the person we're talking to. You aren't the same person to your grandmother that you are to your partner, or your teacher. But some people take this a step further, becoming a completely different person in every new interaction. And to some - this social chameleoning isn't a choice.

This week, we talked to Adam about Jordan's storyline so you could get a peek into their world while waiting to register for the reading group. Here's what he had to say...

How would you describe Jordan?

Jordan is reckless, sharp, angry, and resourceful. There's a chip on their shoulder, and no amount of danger or risk can seem to brush it off.

Jordan's storyline takes place in a kind of nondescript "urban" area - did you have anywhere specific in mind when crafting that storyline?

Actually, yes, but the cafe doesn't exist anymore. I pictured the old Kiva Han on the corner of Forbes and S. Craig Street in Pittsburgh. I used to hang out there a lot in college. It was always a great place for an awkward first date.

What do you imagine Jordan is listening to while waiting for their date?

Though Jordan does get a certain, masochistic pleasure out of these dates, they do take their toll. They need pump-up music to stoke the fire - like an athlete before a game. Every Time I Die's New Junk Aesthetic is the perfect pump-up album.

Fill in the blank: If readers liked ________, they may also like Jordan's storyline.

If you've seen the show Catfish on MTV, I'm sure you can see the similarities. But it's more than just the idea of lying about who you are on the internet to get a date. That show ends up accidentally saying a lot of interesting things about the nuances of identity - both born and chosen - that shows what a nebulous concept it can be. Jordan's life is driven by this unanswerable question of just how malleable the person that we are can really be.

The original art inspired by Jordan's story is by local artist Casey Kovach. Casey is a Freelance Graphic Designer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. He has many skills, but specializes in Illustration, Photography, and Design. Over the years, he's worked on many types of projects including branding/logo design, posters, album art, publication design, apparel, and websites, among many others. He is always open to collaborate. For more of his work, visit:

If you haven't read Jordan's story yet, you can here.