Get to Know: Terrie

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Terrie never planned to live her life on the road. In fact, for a long time, she had her whole life mapped out. But often the best way to ensure that something doesn't happen is to plan for it.

This week, Adam is sharing a bit more of Terrie's story so we can get to know her a bit better before the reading group opens for registration. Read below for more!

How would you describe Terrie?

Terrie is a headstrong loner, but she is also charitable and empathetic. She has her walls up for a reason, but that doesn't mean there isn't something good locked inside.

Terrie is a trucker and always on the road - why did you choose to create a storyline that lacks a consistent setting?

People often use the place that they live as a key building block of their identity. As someone who still lives in the same place he was born, having that sense of consistent setting is a key anchor for my identity. I wanted to explore what removing that anchor would do to someone, and how they would hold on to their identity without it.

If we were sitting in Terrie's truck right now, what would music would be playing?

Springsteen. All the way. Her love of Springsteen is one of the only pieces of her old life that she held onto when she took to the road.

Fill in the blank: If readers liked ________, they may also like Terrie's storyline.

There's this movie that came out in 2016 called American Honey, staring Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane. It's about a group of young adults who drive across the country selling magazines door to door. It's such a real look into what life on the road is like. It really was what planted the seed for Terrie's story.

The original art inspired by Terrie's story is by Candace Davis. Candace is a visual artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She works in nearly all mediums, including jewelry and small sculpture. She is the founding artist at Out of Hand, which specializes in creating jewelry out of up-cycled, recycled, and re-purposed items. For more of her work, visit:

If you haven't read Terrie's story yet, you can here.

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