Adam Dove Stories is excited to present The Truth, a serialized work of speculative fiction, to readers via email. By delivering a stimulating, captivating story straight to your email inbox in small chunks, the Truth Experience will infuse your daily life with the magic of fiction.

In order to continue reading the story, you must wait for the experience to re-open and register as a member.

SERIAL Mini-chapters

Members of The Truth Experience receive The Truth in mini-chapter installments straight to their email inboxes. Each mini-chapter is a 5-10 minute read - a perfect length for a bus ride, lunch break, or before-bed read. 

Invite-only community

Members of the Truth Experience are invited to a closed Facebook group where they can engage with Adam and other members of the experience. Think of it as the most convenient book club ever - members can participate as much or as little as they want, at their leisure. 

Unlimited access

Only members of the Truth Experience will receive access to an archive of all of the original installments of The Truth. 

Sounds interesting...how DO I JOIN?

The Truth Experience launched in September 2017 to a group of 70 readers and is currently closed to new members. Sign up below to be placed on the waiting list for the Truth Experience.

While you wait for the Experience to open again, be sure to read the beginning of the story here.  Join the Facebook group and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to engage with the community and share what you think!