What was the last time you read a great story?

In fiction, we are no longer tied down by the bonds of every day life - we are free to express those things inside of us which often feel too big for the real world.  This is the power of a story well told: it's a chance to put a face to the unnamable within us, to make it real, to make it known. 

You’re here because you crave the kind of magic and adventure that daily life can’t provide. Because you long to be able to hear the thoughts of all the people around you, to know their deepest griefs, their greatest joys. You’re here because you know that a great book, when written just right, can transport you to another world, and help you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. The worlds and stories contained on this site are here to bring you there.

C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S


The Novel

Adam Dove’s forthcoming, debut novel “The Truth” is a magical realist exploration of the nature of truth.

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The videos

Left to Write is a regular YouTube series about books and movies, and the writing lessons we can learn from them.

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The Stories

From disembodied brains to love without voice, each of Adam Dove’s published short stories is a deep look at what makes us real.

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The Open Mic

The Millvale MASH is a monthly open mic night for local musicians, artists, and storytellers share their work, and drink great beer.

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