When was the last time you read a great story?


In fiction, we are no longer tied down by the bonds of every day life - we are free to express those things inside of us which often feel too big for the real world.  This is the power of a story well told: it's a chance to put a face to the unnamable within us, to make it real, to make it known. 

But in an age with endless media to consume, and not nearly enough hours in which to consume it, it's difficult to find the time to get lost in the stories that can change our lives. Although diverse in form and theme, my work is dedicated to bringing those life-changing stories directly to you, in ways that fit into your everyday life.


C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S



A serialized speculative fiction novel following four characters on a winding journey of discovery.

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Left to write

A weekly YouTube show about creativity, the writing life, and how everything is worth reading, playing, watching, and listening to.

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A collection of five original short stories exploring the nature of personal identity.

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A monthly open mic night for local musicians, artists, and storytellers share their work. Hosted in collaboration with Grist House Brewery and the Millvale Community Library.

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